Mobile Marketing Solutions for Business

If you think launching digital campaign is difficult, you haven’t tried Aurora Coupons yet. Aurora Coupons platform is one of the most powerful mobile promotion platforms on the market. Aurora Coupons is a one stop solution for mobile Coupons, Vouchers, and Loyalty Cards! Our mobile coupon platform manages digital coupon creation, distribution, validation and analysis.

Why Mobile Marketing?

Mobile is the way to reach your audience. Smartphones are always on and always with them. Thanks to Mobile Marketing, it’s possible to reach your audience very accurately.

Hyper-personalize your digital offers for each client and offer wonderful, digital experiences. Furthermore, you gather more actionable customer data and insights to finetune future Mobile Marketing Campaigns.

Discover the wonderful world of Mobile Marketing? We’ll show you the ropes!

Benefits for your business

We like coupons, and so should small businesses. Coupons are a cost-effective and measurable way to recruit new customers, sell more products, and reactivate those customers you may have lost to competitors.
Coupons work by interfering with the cost-benefit analysis consumers perform before making any purchase decision. Customers will only visit a store and buy products when the benefits of doing so outweigh the costs, including the time and money spent making a purchase.

  • Mobile coupons are very convenient, increasingly popular, and here to stay.
  • Mobile coupons are received through and stored in consumers’ smartphones, which are always at hand.
  • Consumers receive and claim mobile coupons instantly. Digital Coupons tempt consumers to take action.
  • Easily add gamification to your existing marketing efforts and offer your audience wonderful digital experiences. Gamified coupons trigger and stimulate impulsive purchases and interaction.

Example Business Solutions "Restaurant"

Coupons bring new customers to your restaurant. Offering coupons can keep current customers interested and help bring back former customers. Discounts and coupons are an excellent way to build interest and launch new menu items. Customers may travel from farther away to use a coupon for your restaurant

Offer wonderful experiences to your audience.

Digital Loyalty Cards

Advantages of Loyalty Cards

  • Increase Frequent Sales. Loyalty card systems encourage customers to come back more often to take advantage of your special offers/discounts/rewards. …
  • Increased Product Awareness. Loyalty card schemes can be a great way to increase your product awareness. 
  • Increased Reach
  • Know Your Customer.
  • Customer Loyalty and Happiness.

Customer Care

Turn negative customer experiences into positive customer experiences by offering redemption vouchers.

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