Acceptance Of The Terms & Conditions:


Aurora Coupons are promotional coupons that may be purchased from participating merchants through Aurora Coupons website “www.auroracoupons.com “OR Application. They are used in exchange for goods and services with a reduction in their real cost. By placing an order with a Merchant for a Coupon through Aurora Coupons, you are offering to purchase Coupons that you have selected under the terms set out below. For more information about our collection of personal data, please see our Privacy Policy. You must create an account to be able to purchase a Coupon. This is necessary so that we can provide you with easy access to save or print your orders, view your latest purchases,

The Coupon you buy or redeem on Aurora Coupons is redeemable for goods or services at the Merchant. The Merchant, and not Aurora Coupons, is the seller of the Coupon and the goods and services and is solely responsible for the redemption of any Coupons you purchase. Aurora Coupons sells or offers a Coupon which can be redeemed as part of the purchase of goods or services from the Merchant.

1. Specific conditions for Merchants coupons

For this section, a “Merchant” is defined as a Merchant who offers food and beverages for sale in its regular activities and who sells said foods and beverages to Coupon buyers.

  • The frequency of coupon redemption is determined by the merchant and must be included in the Coupon offer found on the site or application.
  • The use of Restaurant Coupons for alcoholic beverages is at the Merchant’s sole discretion and subject to compliance with applicable laws.
  • Coupons cannot be combined with any other restaurant coupons, third party certificates, discounts or promotions unless otherwise specified by the merchant.
  • Merchant Coupons cannot be used to pay past taxes, tips or balances unless the Merchant allows that and is specified at the coupon itself.
  • Valid for on-site consumption only, unless otherwise indicated.
  • The issuance of credit for a merchant is at the sole discretion of that merchant, unless otherwise specified by applicable law.
  • Neither Aurora Coupons nor the merchant is responsible for the loss or theft of Coupon reference numbers.
  • Reproduction, sale or exchange of a merchant Coupon is prohibited, unless done in compliance with the laws in force.
  • Any attempt to redeem a coupon that does not meet these conditions will void the merchant Coupon.
  • Merchant Coupons apply only to merchandise sold by the Merchant and do not apply to shipping and handling charges.
  • Limit of one (1) Coupon per redemption. Only one Coupon can be used per order, unless otherwise specified by the Merchant.
  • Credit issuance takes place at the Merchant’s sole discretion, unless otherwise specified by law.
  • Neither Aurora Coupons nor the Merchant is responsible for the loss or theft of the Coupon reference number.
  • A Coupon may not be combined with any other coupon, third party certificate, discount or promotion, unless the Merchant specifies otherwise.
  • Reproduction, sale or exchange of this Coupon is prohibited, unless done in compliance with applicable laws.
  • Any attempt to redeem that does not meet these conditions will render the Coupon null and void.

Additional terms for all Aurora Coupons coupons

All Coupons must be subject to the terms of Aurora Coupons and the participating Merchant. The Merchant sells the products or services you purchase.

The holder and the issuer of a Merchant Coupon is the Merchant himself. The holder and issuer of a Merchant Coupon is the Merchant. As the holder and issuer of the check, the Merchant is fully responsible for all injuries, illnesses, damages, claims, debts and costs suffered by or in respect of a customer, caused in in whole or in part by  the Merchant, as well as any liability arising from unclaimed goods due to coupons not redeemed in whole or in part. You waive and release Aurora Coupons, its officers, directors, employees and agents from all claims, liabilities, any damage or injury resulting from or related to any act or omission of the Merchant in connection with a Coupon or goods / services provided in this regard and / or with respect to compliance with non-property laws claimed and any other law relating to the redemption of Coupons in whole or in part. Merchant coupons are redeemable in their entirety and at one time and therefore cannot be redeemed gradually.

All Offers featured as a part of the Service are subject to change without notice. In no event shall Aurora Coupons be liable, either directly or indirectly, for the legality of any Offers, the ability of any Merchants to complete the sale or transaction in accordance with the Offers, or direct, indirect, special, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of inability to access or use the Offers.